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Park Hill Dr.

Completed: January 2020
4 BR / 3 BA
Belle Meade
Sale Price: $594,700
2000 sq ft

Tudor Building Group was contacted by the homeowner looking to add additional living space as well as a pool and outdoor area to their home. Construction soon began on the addition of a family room as well as a convenient wet bar towards the back of the home. This new space provides a comfortable and sociable area for family and guests to gather, adding to the overall functionality and entertainment value of the home.

The outdoor living experience was also elevated with the installation of a pool and patio area. Upon beginning construction of the pool area, the backyard was found to sit on top of a limestone cap. Our team had to hammer out 250 cubic yards of limestone rock. This addition not only enhances recreational opportunities but also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the property. Complementing the pool, an outside dining area was created, providing a perfect setting for al fresco meals and gatherings.

Together, the indoor and outdoor additions demonstrate a comprehensive approach to home improvement, creating a harmonious blend of functional and recreational spaces that cater to the lifestyle and enjoyment of the homeowner.

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