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Porter Village

Completed: June 2022
1-2 BR / 1 BA
East Nashville - Porter Rd
700 - 15200 sq ft

This compact site, measuring less than an acre, posed a unique challenge in delivering utilities and constructing building pads for two structures. After land clearance, our civil site work team installed shot rock pads for both buildings, all while ensuring continued access to the completed townhomes located at the rear of the property.

A notable feature of the project was the construction of a bio-retention area, characterized by a 12-foot tall cast-in-place concrete wall spanning 110 feet. This intricately designed wall played a crucial role in supporting the foundation of the main condominium building. The parking lot was surfaced with 6000 square feet of permeable pavers, contributing to both functionality and sustainability.

Tudor Building Group spearheaded all utility installations, including sewer and water systems. The entire project, managed in collaboration with Dale and Associates as the engineering team, had a duration of 5 months and was completed in 2021.

Tudor Building Group purchased phase 2 of this project from another developer. 21 townhomes were already built in the rear of the property which made it challenging to construct the 21 condos in the front while also maintaining access for the units in the rear.

Considerations went into the development for retail space at this location, such as a coffee shop, but it was determined that the property was better suited to support all residential units. This required Tudor Building Group to go before the city and have the property rezoned.

Once the property was rezoned, our team broke ground on both buildings housing the 21 condos. Both buildings were 3 stories tall with units on each floor. Tudor Building Group worked with architects at Southeast Venture to complete this project. Given the increase in housing demand and overall prices in the Nashville area, Tudor Building Group saw this project as an opportunity to deliver a more affordable product to the Nashville area.

After breaking ground, Tudor Building Group had roughly 1/3 of the units pre-sold and waited until the project was closer to completion before releasing more units. The total build took 14 months due to the tight space restrictions and existing homeowners in the rear of the property. All the units were completed and sold in June 2022. This is a great example of how the Tudor Building Group team can be nimble in complicated scenarios but still deliver a quality product in the end.

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