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June Lake Single Family Homes

Status: Phase I In Progress
Projected Completion Date: Spring 2024 (Phase I)
The Preserve at June Lake—Spring Hill, TN
2917 - 3593 sq ft

Spanning 7 acres of rural land at the intersection of Buckner Lane and Twin Lakes Drive in Springhill, this comprehensive project faced its most formidable challenge in the creation of an underground stormwater detention system. The excavation process involved removing more than 4200 cubic yards of material to accommodate a system approximately 50 feet wide, 200 feet long, and 8 feet deep.

This underground stormwater detention system was a pivotal aspect of the project, serving a dual-purpose by not only effectively managing stormwater but also allowing for the creation of four additional buildable lots on the western side of the property. This innovative solution replaced the conventional open detention pond, optimizing land use in the neighborhood.

Beyond stormwater management, the project included extensive infrastructure work, encompassing the installation of over 2000 linear feet of sewer, water, storm, and electrical lines. Additionally, asphalt paving and curbing were implemented throughout the neighborhood to enhance accessibility and functionality. The entire endeavor, managed in collaboration with Benesch Civil Engineer for June Lake, spanned 8 months, concluding in 2022.

The June Lake property, originally a large rural farm, is being transformed into a mixed-use space, featuring both multi-family and single-family homes. The project encompasses natural lakes, walking paths and outdoor event spaces on the property, creating a picturesque setting.

The development is not only limited to residential structures but also includes amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, office buildings and community spaces, adding convenience for future residents. Our plan currently encompasses 28 lots with single family homes being built. Tudor Build Group has partnered with Southeast Venture architects to provide 8 different floor plans with custom-build finishes.

Anticipated to be completed by spring 2024, this endeavor signifies a comprehensive transformation of the June Lake area, combining residential living with commercial convenience. The collaboration between Southeast Venture and Tudor Building Group demonstrates a multi-faceted approach to community development.

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