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St. Elmo Station

Completed: Spring 2024
St Elmo District - Chattanooga, TN
1479 – 2144 sq ft

This project was Tudor Building Groups first inaugural project outside of the greater Nashville area. The expansive 3-acre industrial property was laden with buildings and approximately 6 inches of concrete. Undertaking a comprehensive approach, we demolished the structures, processed the metal beams for recycling, and pulverized the concrete. The recycled concrete was ingeniously repurposed for the roadbed and building pads, showcasing our commitment to sustainable practices.

Complicating matters, a CSX rail line ran along the eastern side of the property. Collaborating with CSX, we successfully mitigated and demolished an old loading dock, clearing the underbrush across the entire hillside along the rail line. Our scope included the installation of 1750 linear feet of storm drainage, 2330 linear feet of gravity-fed sewer, and a 2200 linear feet private water line. We orchestrated all aspects of asphalt paving, curbs, and sidewalks.

Over the span of 6 months, our civil site work team, in conjunction with out-of-town contractors, effectively delivered on this multifaceted project. Completed in 2022, this endeavor exemplifies our capability to seamlessly integrate our internal civil team with external collaborators to successfully and timely execute complex projects beyond our usual geographic scope.

This formally industrial site in the St. Elmo district of Chattanooga, TN has a development plan that includes the construction of 60 units, with the first phase comprising 10 units across two buildings. Tudor Build Group has partnered with architects from Southeast Venture to ensure a quality structure that stands the test of time.

The first 10 units are projected to be completed and ready for occupancy by March 2024. This project reflects a comprehensive transformation and expansion of a formally industrial lot in to a property for residential use that will serve the St. Elmo and Broad Street communities for decades to come.

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